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Last updated - 05/18/2023


We are a small collective seeking to document and archive everything pertaining to the WorldsAway technology based virtual worlds. We have plans to write up a full, detailed history along with screenshots, scans and interviews with key people who were involved. In our eyes, it's an important part of the early days of the internet and we want to make sure that its place is documented in history.

If you have any material you would like to contribute, please get in touch with us here.

Check out our Wiki page. New information is being added all the time. If you'd like to contribute to it, please get in touch.

We are interested in anything relating to the following worlds:

Whether it's screenshots, scans, rips of floppy disks/cds, video, advertisements, old newsletters, old e-mails from the teams, old plugins, development material or just plain old stories of your time spent inworld, we'd love to see what you have and archive it for posterity here.

Thank you.

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