The Gathering of the Avatars in NeoHabitat

The Gathering of the Avatars in NeoHabitat

Twitch Streamer and Video Game Preservationist, BogusMeatFactory is hosting an event in NeoHabitat this coming Friday, 5th January 2024 at 7pm EST until 11:45pm EST. The event is going to be streamed on Twitch.

Avatars hanging out in NeoHabitat around the Oracle Fountain in downtown Populopolis

You can play NeoHabitat in your browser by using the NeoHabitat browser client or if you're a Windows user and want to use an emulator, you can use the NeoHabitat installer package to get yourself setup.

If you've never visited NeoHabitat before, I highly recommend using the browser client as it will hold your hand through everything. It will explain the controls, show you directions of places to go and also provide developer commentary and history on certain areas that you visit.

On the schedule for Friday night, Bogus has got the following things planned:

Time Event
7PM - 7:15PM Controls Orientation
7:15PM - 8PM Tour of the Town
8PM - 9PM Scavenger Hunt
9PM - 9:30PM Habitat Haiku Slam
9:30PM - 10PM Town Hall Vote
10PM - 11:45PM Free Play

Come on down and enjoy Habitat and relive the 1980's with us. Habitat is a really interesting historical place to visit, but you cannot recapture the original spirit without having other players online and this is a great opportunity to feel some of that original charm.