Habitat and Club Caribe artwork extracted

Habitat and Club Caribe artwork extracted
Artwork from Habitat

User SpindleyQ on the NeoHabitat Slack channel has written a tool that extracts the artwork from the Lucasfilm's Habitat source code archives and displays it on a webpage, including full animations of everything, as well as showing a bunch of artwork created for testing purposes only that never made it in the final game.

You can grab the source code for his tool or just browse the Inhabitor web page and look through all of the original artwork.

This lays the groundwork for a potential browser based NeoHabitat region editor and creator tool, or even a way of in the future perhaps creating an entirely browser based client. So many possiblities!

SpindleyQ is also working on the restoration of the original region editing tool for Habitat named Reno. More on this soon.