New Lucasfilm's Habitat footage found!

New Lucasfilm's Habitat footage found!
A scene from the "Beta Bash" on May 5th, 1988. A Quantum Link employee named Bahia gives a speech to the gathered crowd before Habitat closes down.

I'd recently been in touch with a former WorldsAway member whose website I'd been looking at on the Internet Archive. They sent over a bunch of archival material they'd saved about the place and in digging through that, I uncovered a site they'd saved by a former Habitat member from many years ago.

To my surprise, the site was still active and the person behind it still contactable so I shot them a message just to talk about Habitat and their memories of the place. Habitat was just a beta test on Quantum Link and so it didn't have a ton of members so to find someone who was there is quite rare.

To my surprise, they emailed me back and sent a link over with screenshots of a bunch of saved text from Habitat. Copies of The Rant newspaper, maps, flyers for events and other paraphernalia.

On delving further into the link this person sent me, I found copies of video footage totaling around an hour of Habitat footage from May 1988 where they went to an event called the "Beta Blast" which seems to be a final event before the shutdown of Habitat where people hung out, shared stories about their time playing, swapped items, signed each others "yearbooks" and gave speeches.

In the last 35 years since Habitat closed down, very little extant footage has been found. Infact besides the Lucasfilm's Habitat promotional video, only one person actually recorded anything, so to find this is a hidden gem indeed.

I'm working on seeing if the tapes the footage comes from still exist and if so, working on getting them transferred using professional quality hardware so they can be preserved for everyone to see. Just like we did with the 10 hours of footage of Club Caribe from 1994.

In the meantime, check out a select few screenshots.

An image of The Rant newspaper
People in an area built by someone named "SpiderLass" in the Spider's Web area of Habitat (formerly known as Hamlet's Web)
A flyer advertising events and services in Habitat
A Quantum Link employee named Bahia gives a speech at the Beta Bash