2017 Updates

2017 Updates

This blog post is a reposting of content from the old updates section. With the new blog format, a seperate updates page was no longer needed.


Added some screenshots from the Elysium Habitat II event in September 2006. It was a recreation of the original 1996 Elysium world for one day only that J-Chat users experienced. Most of the regions were the same but some had slight modifications. It's an interesting look back at a world we know very little about! Check out the gallery.


Added the theme music and region transition music from Fujitsu Habitat to the site. You can grab it here.

Added scans of a catalog named "FM Towns Superbook" from December 1992. Containing a bunch of information and screenshots regarding Fujitsu Habitat which you can find here.


Added this updates section to keep people informed as to what's going on. Tonight I've added a bunch of images to the Habitat and Club Caribe image galleries on the site, including never before seen images from NeoHabitat. Take a look over at the Image Archive to catch up!

More magazine scans added for Habitat/Club Caribe and WorldsAway. Also added a bunch of images to various sections in the Image Archive.